120 Indonesian and Malaysian companies to attend Trade Mission

  The Irish Ambassador to Indonesia Olivia Leslie speaking with Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine Michael Creed and CEO of Bord Bia Tara McCarthy

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  Reporting from Indonesia

  This week, more than 120 Indonesian and Malaysian food manufacturers, importers, retailers and food service operators are joining Bord Bia and the Department of Agriculture at Bord Bia seminars.

  Over the course of the week 150 meetings will take place. The aim of the Trade Mission is to generate new business opportunities for Irish dairy exporters in the region.

  The Origin Green Dairy Seminars, in Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur respectively, are focused on building sustainable trade relationships. The seminars include detailed presentations from senior Irish and local officials on food safety controls, market trends and updates, as well as Origin Green – Ireland’s food and drink sustainability programme.

  At each of the seminars Irish dairy companies will participate in targeted business meetings with qualified, high-potential local buyers.

  Addressing the delegation at the first seminar in Jakarta today, Tara McCarthy, Chief Executive of Bord Bia, spoke about building upon existing trade relationships.

  We are two countries on opposite sides of the world, different in many ways; but we share an understanding that security of supply is key to allowing us to plan ahead for growth and success.

  ‘Irish Dairy Farming Is Among The Best In The World’

  The Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Michael Creed TD, opened proceedings.

  He described Ireland as a “top class producer and exporter of dairy products” and put an emphasis on Ireland’s grass-based production system which produces high-quality dairy products that are sustainable.

  On the visit Minister Creed stated: “Bord Bia’s dairy conference is an excellent opportunity to bring targeted retail buyers, suppliers and consumers together from both our countries together.

  Having our own Irish dairy companies participating in this mission allows us to showcase the best of Irish dairy to a wider audience. Irish dairy farming is among the best in the world.

  “Our natural grass-based farming methods, our competitive and innovative dairy processing industry, together with our rigorous system of food safety controls, have allowed Ireland to develop a strong export-focused dairy sector.”

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  Minister Creed addressing the Bord Bia Dairy Seminar in Jakarta, Indonesia

  ‘We Know More About Our Cattle Than We Do About Our people’

  The deputy chief veterinary officer with the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine, paula Barry Walsh, explained food production and safety procedures in Ireland to delegates at the seminar in Jakarta.

  She stated that Ireland finds out what the consumer is looking for. She went on to describe how we will produce those products to a high and safe standard. paula described the highly-skilled workforce involved in Irish food production and the controls and procedures that they follow.

  For us it doesn’t matter if our consumer is in Dublin or Jakarta. They are all consumers and they are all our concern.

  She told the audience that: “We know more about our cattle than we do about our people. Ireland is a small country with a significant amount of experience in exports.”

  Senior representatives from the Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture were also present along with Mr. Stefanus Indrayana, Secretary General of the Indonesian Food and Beverage Association, GApMMI.

  Government and industry are closely linked in Asia and engaging with senior representatives from the Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture can deliver significant impact at trade level through awareness building, access and registration.

  Dairy Industry Representatives

  Among attendees at the Origin Green Diary Seminars are a number of leading Irish dairy companies and importers in the region, including: Dairy Industry Ireland; Carbery; Dairygold; Glanbia; Ornua; Glenstal Arrabawn; and Lacpatrick.

  These dairy seminars are organised as part of a week-long Trade Mission to the region to allow the Irish dairy industry gain an in-depth market understanding and to secure new business opportunities.

  The 20 representatives from the Irish dairy industry on the Trade Mission took part in cultural immersion visits, organised by Bord Bia, ahead of the dairy seminar.

  AgriLand will give you some insights into the Indonesian market with reports from these visits to supermarkets and production facilities.

  Business-To-Business Meetings

  Bord Bia will reach 200 industry representatives through a targeted trade marketing campaign. This is the first time on a Trade Mission that Bord Bia has arranged 75 business-to-business ‘speed-networking’ meetings in Malaysia – similar to this year’s marketplace in Dublin.

  Sustainable farming is more and more used in the world. In Ireland, Origin Green encourages Irish farmers to work on food sustainability and prolong the lifespan of unique natural resources through contemporary farming.

  This event immediately introduces Irish companies to key importers and buyers.

  Bord Bia Supports Dairy Opportunity In South East Asia

  Both Indonesia and Malaysia have been identified as offering potential for dairy export growth through Bord Bia’s prioritising Markets study due to their expanding middle class, dependence on imported dairy and the growing demand for consumer foods made from quality ingredients.

  CEO of Bord Bia, Tara McCarthy stated: “Bord Bia is increasing its resources across South East Asia to assist Irish exporters leverage these evolving opportunities and position Ireland as a value-added supplier into the future. We have invested in insight and intelligence to enable Irish exporters to develop a network of distributors and importers in the region.”

  Bord Bia’s insight team completed an immersion study in both markets to explore consumer attitudes to food and, specifically, to identify opportunities for Irish dairy.

  Bord Bia researchers visited families and consumers in Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur to understand their attitudes to and consumption of dairy. To date, Ireland has been a limited supplier into these markets with combined dairy exports valued at under €50 million.

  Image source: Bord Bia

  Tara added: “The opportunity in these two markets is significant as Indonesian and Malaysian consumers increase the percentage of dairy-based food in their diet.

  “We will work with industry as they develop new products to ensure they address local taste preferences and demand for functionality around protein and calcium. There is real potential to deliver a unique message for Ireland around our natural, sustainable dairy industry, which is already in line with their values.”

  Traditionally, Indonesia and Malaysia look to Oceania and India as sources for imported food. This means that awareness of Ireland as a dairy and meat producer is low. However, Bord Bia is confident that there is a growing demand for sustainable sources of ingredients from Europe, which presents opportunities for Ireland.

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